When you Think Your Vote Doesn’t Count, Remember January 3, 2012

by Kenneth Gray on January 4, 2012

in Democracy

The most common excuse given for not voting in elections is always, “but my vote won’t count.” Well, tonight will prove you wrong.

From the FiveThirtyEight Blog at the New York Times:

And then there was one. A precinct in the town of Clinton in Clinton, County, Iowa will determine the winner of the Iowa caucus.

Rick Santorum leads Mitt Romney by four votes statewide – 29,968 to 29,964 – according to the most recent count by the Republican Party of Iowa.

That’s as of 1:52AM Eastern. Count that number. Four votes separate Romney and Santorum. One precinct remains. That precinct has around 75 votes if I count my numbers correctly. Now think of tonight’s implications for the GOP Presidential race and the broader 2012 campaign.

If you voted for Romney, does he lock in the nomination here? Does Santorum have a shot, does he wound Romney? Does this mean President Obama wins a second term? Your vote could have decided all of this tonight.

No matter who you support, don’t tell me votes don’t count any more.

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